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While Sam deals with someone from his past, Dean is forced to team up with a laid-back hunter, Garth, and ends up in a bizarre situation. It has been a few months of work and Sam and Dean are on their annual trip to Vegas, however, Sam leaves Dean to go camping. Dean gets a text from Sam on his cell that asks him to come to a church, and finds that Sam is getting married to Becky Rosen. Dean is surprised and worried that Sam might not be thinking straight, but he also finds another piece of disturbing news; people in the town are dying "freaky deaths". As it turns out, Becky has been giving a love potion to Sam, obtained from a demon in disguise of a Wiccan, who is making deals and calling them in early to gain power from their souls to unseat Crowley as the King of Hell. However, as this demon is ...


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